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Parenting Policy

Pediatrics of Queen Creek Parenting Policy

  1. It is preferred that both custodial parents be present at all visits for the minor child. However, if this is not possible, at least one custodial parent must be present at each visit.
  2. If only one custodial parent is able to attend a visit, it is the responsibility of the custodial parent attending the visit to communicate any visit information to the absent custodial parent. It is not the responsibility of the physician to communicate visit information to each custodial parent separately.
  3. If a custodial parent is not able to be present, we must have a notarized power of attorney or a notarized letter on file giving permission for another adult to be present and consent for the care of the minor child.
  4. The parent or authorized adult bringing in the minor child is responsible for any monies owed for copays/ deductibles or coinsurance at the time of the visit. We will be happy to let you know an estimated amount due for the visit at the time you schedule the appointment. Be advised that the amount given is only an estimate. There may be additional fees charged that we are unaware of or insurance does not cover, etc. We are equipped to take these payments over the phone prior to the visit as an option.
  5. The physicians or office staff will not be put in the middle of domestic issues or disagreements. If we feel this is becoming an issue and compromising the care of the minor child, we have the right to discharge the family from the care of the practice.
  6. Only in situations where there is a confirmed, documented Court Order will one of the parent’s be denied access to the minor child’s health records or visits at the office. SCG must have a copy of this Court Order on file in the minor child’s electronic chart.